Solving “This extension may have been corrupted” in Chrome version 59

Background I found our extensions being detected as corrupted in the Chrome stable release version 59. After some research, I found a related bug report. Basically, if the extension contains files with file size with is the multiple of 4096, the extension will be marked as corrupted. Printing all files’ name and size This following python code ...

Explore Firebase Cloud Functions

Introduction: Firebase, Backend as a service, released a new feature Cloud Functions. It allows developers write back-end code without worrying handling a server. In the following blog post, I explored how fast it is to create a simple HTTP request listener. 1. Install the Firebase CLI tools: npm install -g firebase-tools 2. Login with Google ...

Communication between Raspberry Pi and multiple Arduinos via Bluetooth Low Power (BLE)

Hardware: Arduino (s) cc2541 – BLE module(s) for Arduino Raspberry Pi Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle for raspberry pi Software: bluepy Code: Arduino Code can be seen in: http://blog.blecentral.com/2015/05/05/hm-10-peripheral/ Explanation: The main thread of the program keeps scanning the existing unconnected Bluetooth devices using the Scanner object. If the devices have address existing in the bt_arrs array, we ...


Django Template Translation (i18n) for Window

Setup Download gettext  http://mlocati.github.io/gettext-iconv-windows/ Install the binary executable and make sure select “Add application directory to your environmental path” option. Run the following instruction through manage.py: makemessages -l en   If you are using PyCharm, pressing ALT + CTRL + R will show you the manage.py task popup If everything is fine you will see the ...

Install pip in the Raspberry Pi & using requests for HTTP request via JSON

What is pip: pip is used for downloading and managing python packages/libraries. Install pip: Download the get-pip.py from internet: wget "https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py" Run the file with sudo: sudo python get-pip.py What is requests: Requests is an elegant and simple HTTP library for Python. Install requests: sudo pip install requests Testing: Create and edit a python file in ...

Multiple Analog Line Follower Sensors – Arduino

      There are no pull-up resistors, because we can use the internal pull-up of Arduino. pinMode(A0, INPUT_PULLUP); int reading = analogRead(A0);   Here, 1k / N are used as the load resistor. Actually (200~1k)/N resistor can be used. (lower resistor -> higher detect range).


AJAX Request using reqwest [React Redux]

Background: The website contains a signup form which consists of a Languages dropdown option. In order to get language options from the database, we need to call an AJAX get request. Problem: 1) Where to trigger the Ajax call in the react life cycle. 2) How to use redux to handle UI changes after AJAX ...

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